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Lewis Morris (Льюис Моррис)

The Reply

IF I were to answer you
As you would, my soul would soar
Like the lark from earth-born eyes,
Soar and hide in far-off skies,
Soar and come to mortal view

Whatsoever chance befall,
Of myself I'd die possest.
If they hold a willing mind
Silken threads like steel can bind.
Only to be free is blest
Free is all.

Press me not, of earth am I ;
Paths there are I dare not tread.
Sweet are fields and flowers, the smile
Of girlhood ; but a little while
Blossoms youth, and overhead
Laughs the sky.

What have we to do with love,—
We for whom the seasons bring
Nothing else than golden hours,
Sun that burns, nor cloud that lowers,
Thro' whose veins the tides of spiing
Lightly move ?

But if any pain should come
To o'ercloud your summer, dear,
Pain another's heart may share,
Come and we our fate will dare,
Come, forgetting doubt and fear,
To your home. 

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