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Philip James Bailey (Филип Джеймс Бэйли)

Hymn of Thanks

Through pain and through peril, temptation and harm,
We are saved by His love, for the Lord lent His arm;
By the sea's bounding wave and the blue river's rim,
As the morn grew up bright, or as eve came down dim,
By the cliff and the beach, and the mountain's bleak brow,
We have knelt--for we felt--then, and ever, as now;
By the stones of the street--or the green valley's sod,
Was the light of the Lord, and Thy glory, O God!

From the strength of the storm and the grasp of the sea,
And the lightning's red wrath, Heaven ransomed are we;
From the arms of the forceful, the wiles of the base,
We have turned to Thee, Lord! and Thy comforting face;
In the courts of the Idols we thought on Thy power,
And shrank not, nor bowed in the terrible hour,--
Our life, and our all, at a savage's nod,
But were saved to Thee, Lord! and Thy glory, O God!

By fountain and garden, and palace and grove,
Where the gay and the beautiful gather to rove;
Where the vine o'er the violet flourishes green
And the roses fill up the soft season between;
Where the temples are worthy of God to behold
And the altars are blazing with jewels and gold,
Wherever we travelled--or voyaged--or trod--
Was the light of the Lord, and Thy glory, O God! 

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