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Eleanor Farjeon (Элинор Фарджон)

Blind Alley

There's a turning I must pass
Often four times in a day,
Narrow, rather dark, with grass
Growing, a neglected way;

Two long walls, a tumbled shed,
Bushes shadowing each wall -
When I've wondered where it led
People say Nowhere at all.

But if that is true, oh why
Should this turning be at all?

Some time, in the daylight, I
Will creep up along the wall;

For it somehow makes you think,
It has such a secret air,
It might lead you to the brink
Of - oh well, of anywhere!

Some time I will go. And see,
Here's the turning just in sight,
Full of shadows beckoning me!
Some time, yes. But not to-night. 

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