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Ada Cambridge (Cross) (Ада Кембридж (Кросс))

The Dawn

All the wild waves rock'd in shadow,
   And the world was dim and grey,
Dark and silent, hush'd and breathless,
   Waiting calmly for the day.

And the golden light came stealing
   O'er the mountain-tops at last—
Flooding vale and wood and upland,—
   It was morning—night was past.

There they lay—the silvery waters,
   Fruitful forests, glade and lawn;—
All in beauty, new-created
   By the angel of the dawn.

So my spirit slept in twilight;—
   All was quiet, grey, and still,
Till the dawn of Love came stealing,
   Over Hope's snow-crested hill.

Then the dim world woke in glory,
   And the iris-dyes grew bright
On the waves and woods and valleys,
   In a morning flood of light.

Ah! the vineyards and the gardens!—
   Ah! the treasures, rich and rare,
Full of endless life and beauty,
   Which that dawn created there!

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