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Lydia Huntley Sigourney (Лидия Сигурни)

The Angel's Song

"They heard a voice from Heaven, saying, 
Come up hither."

Ye have a land of mist and shade,
    Where spectres roam at will,
Dense clouds your mountain cliffs pervade,
    And damps your vallies chill;
But ne'er has midnight's wing of woe
    Eclipsed our changeless ray;
"Come hither," if ye seek to know
    The bliss of perfect day.

Doubt, like the bohan-upas spreads
    A blight where'er ye tread,
And hope, a wailing mourner, sheds
    The tear o'er harvests dead;
With us, no traitorous foe assails
    When love her home would make,
In Heaven, the welcome never fails,
    "Come," and that warmth partake.

Time revels 'mid your boasted joys,
    Death dims your brightest rose,
And sin your bower of peace destroys—
    Where will ye find repose?
Ye 're wearied in your pilgrim-race,
    Sharp thorns your path infest,
"Come hither,"—rise to our embrace,
    And Christ shall give you rest.

Twas thus, methought, at twilight hour
    The angel's lay came down,
Like dews upon the drooping flower,
    When droughts of summer frown;
How richly o'er the ambient air
    Swelled out that music free,
Oh!—when the pangs of death I bear,
    Sing ye that song to me. 

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