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Henry Alford (Генри Элфорд)


  Thou child of Man, fall down
  With contrite heart and low;
  Inheritor by fleshly birth
  Of exile, death, and woe.

  Thou child of Man, rejoice!
  The righteous One hath died:
  Behold by faith thy seals of Love,
  His hands, His feet, His side!

  Thou child of Man, that Blood
  Upon thy doors we trace:
  The symbol of that mighty Cross
  We stamp upon thy face.

  Servant of God, go forth
  Clad in thy Saviour's name;
  Like Him thou must endure the Cross,
  Like Him despise the shame.

  Servant of God, hope on
  Through tempests and through tears:
  The pillar of His presence see,
  Lighting the waste of years.

  Servant of God, farewell!
  The bed of death is made:
  Go, with His glorious countenance
  To cheer thee through the shade.

  Servant of God, all hail!
  The bright--haired army waits:
  And greeting angels round thy path
  Throng from the jasper gates.

  ``Servant of God, well done!''
  The judgment is His own:--
  Pass to the Inner Light, and sit
  With Him upon His throne.

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