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Capel Lofft (Кейпел Лоффт)

The Sports of the Field

Sports of the field!—deadly or maiming blow
Aimed at a gentle bird!—the timid hare
From her half slumber in warm brake to scare
And drive her over the track-betraying snow
To death, by chase embittered—from the bow
The rook, not yet of strength to cleave the air,
To slaughter trembling on the nest!—to tear
The bowels of the fish deliberate, slow,
Play with the agonizing worm!—to find
Amusement when the dauntless fox is torn
By furious dogs—or when the beauteous hind,
Winged by her unavailing fears, is borne
From yells of hounds and horn—or the stag dies
With silent tear!—Thus man enjoys earth, water, skies!

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