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Robert Stephen Hawker (Роберт Хоукер)

The Ringers of Lancell’s Tower

THEY meet once more! that ancient band,
With furrowed cheek and failing hand;
One peal to-day they fain would ring,
The jubilee of England’s king!

They meet once more! but where are now
The sinewy arm, the laughing brow,
The strength that hailed, in happier times,
King George the Third with lusty chimes?

Yet proudly gaze on that lone tower,
No goodlier sight hath hall or bower;
Meekly they strive, and closing day
Gilds with soft light their locks of gray.

Hark! proudly hark! with that true tone
They welcomed him to land and throne;
So e’er they die they fain would ring
The jubilee of England’s king.

Hearts of old Cornwall, fare ye well!
Fast fade such scenes from field and dell;
How wilt thou lack, my own dear land,
Those trusty arms, that faithful band!

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