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William Dunbar (Уильям Данбар)

To the Lord Treasurer [Welcome, my awin lord thesaurair]

I thocht lang quhill sum lord come hame,
Fra quhome faine kyndnes I wald clame.
His name of confort I will declair:
Welcome, my awin lord thesaurair!

Befoir all rink of this regioun,
Under our roy of most renoun,
Of all my mycht, thocht it war mair,
Welcom, my awin lord thesaurair!

Your nobill payment I did assay,
And ye hecht sone, without delay,
Againe in Edinburgh till repair:
Welcom, my awin lord thesaurair!

Ye keipit tryst so winder weill,
I hald yow trew as ony steill.
Neidis nane your payment till dispair:
Welcom, my awin lord thesaurair!

Yett in a pairt I was agast,
Or ye the narrest way had past
Fra toun of Stirling to the air.
Welcom, my awin lord thesaurair!

Thane had my dyt beine all in duill,
Had I my wage wantit quhill Yuill,
Quhair now I sing with heart onsair:
Welcum, my awin lord thesaurair!

Welcum, my benefice and my rent,
And all the lyflett to me lent,
Welcum, my pensioun most preclair:
Welcum, my awin lord thesaurair!

Welcum als heartlie as I can,
My awin dear maister, to your man,
And to your servand singulair:
Welcum, my awin lord thesaurair!

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