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William Dunbar (Уильям Данбар)

Of People Hard to Please

Four maner of folkis ar evill to pleis.
Ane is that riches hes and eis,
Gold, silver, cattell, cornis, and ky,
And wald have part fra utheris by.

Aneuther is of land and rent
So great ane lord and ane potent
That he may nother rewll nor gy,
Yet he wald have fra utheris by.

Ane is that hes of nobill bluid
Ane lusty lady, fair and guid,
Boith verteous, wyse, and womanly,
And yett wald have aneuther by.

Aneuther dois so dourlie drink,
And aill and wyne within him sink,
Quhill in his wame no roume be dry,
Bot he wald have fra utheris by.

In earth no wicht I can perseav
Of guid so great aboundance have,
Nor in this world so welthful wy,
Bot he wald have frome utheris by.

Bot yitt of all this gold and guid
Or uthir cunyie, to concluid,
Quhaevir it have, it is not I.
It gois frome me to utheris by.

And nemlie at this Chrystis Mes,
Quharevir Schir Gold maid his regres.
Of him I will na larges cry,
He yeid fra me till utheris by.

Of him I will na larges cry,
He yeid fra me till utheris by.

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