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Clinton Scollard (Клинтон Сколлард)

Night Song by the Sea

  Wind and rain are at the pane,
    Shrilling, drumming without cease;
  And the breakers' loud refrain
    Gives the shuddering heart no peace.
      Lord of all the things that be,
      Pity Thou the souls at sea!

  Snugly roofed with warmth and glow,
    And encompassed soft by sleep,
  Little we land-dwellers know
    Of the terrors of the deep.
      Lord, in Thy sweet charity,
      Pity Thou the souls at sea!

  On the smiling face of morn
    Sure are we to gaze again;
  What of those poor waifs forlorn
    Furrowing the untracked main?
      Lord, in their dire need of Thee,
      Pity Thou the souls at sea!

  Although riven be the rail,
    Snapped the shroud and rent the mast,
  May they into harbor sail,
    All their perils overpast!
      Lord, in Thy compassion, be
      Pilot to the souls at sea!

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