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Eleanor Farjeon (Элинор Фарджон)

Sonnets. 4. Wilt thou put seals on love because men say

Wilt thou put seals on love because men say
Love is a thing that certain time will steal?
As well, since night is certain after day,
Might men their eyelids to the noontide seal.
Nay! even though that worn-out tale were truth,
And love, dear love, were time’s assurèd dower,
What profit canst thou get of cheated youth
By paying usury before his hour?

I will not hear the sorry tune of time,
That bitter quencher of young blessedness.
Not to have proved young rapture is the crime,
Unproven it will be quenched no less, no less.
And thou wilt to the earth at last, time’s scorn,
Relinquishing a crown thou hast not worn.

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