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John Wolcot (Джон Вулкотт)

Lines intended to be subjoined to Dryden's Ode on Alexander's Feast

Such is the Ode call'd ALEXANDER'S Feast,
Where the great Conqu'ror is as great a Beast,—
Where TIMOTHY such stories sings and tells,
Who lulls his Hero in his Harlot's lap,
To take a comfortable drunken nap,
Much like our maudllin Bucks at Sadler's Wells,
And where at length the Jade and drunken 'Squire
Reel forth to set Persepolis on fire.
Such is the subject of this famous Ode,
This masterpiece of British rhyme,
This cloud-capp'd mountain of the TRUE SUBLIME,
Pointing to Immortality the road—
But if it be the road, great JOVE I pray
That Muse and I may never find the way.

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