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Alexander Brome (Александр Бром)

A Serious Ballade

   Written in 1645.

I Love my King and Countrey well,
Religion and the Laws,
Which I'm mad at the heart that e're we did sell,
To buy the good Old Cause.
These unnatural wars,
And brotherly jars,
Are no delight or joy to me;
But it is my desire,
That the wars should expire,
And the King and his Realms agree.


I never yet did take up arms,
And yet I dare to dye;
But I'll not be seduc'd by phanatical charms,
Till I know a Reason why.
Why the King and the State,
Should fall to debate,
I ne'r could yet a reason see,
But I find many one,
Why the wars should be done,
And the King and his Realms agree.


I love the King and the Parliament,
But I love them both together;
And when they by division asunder are rent,
I know 'tis good for neither:
Which so e'r of those
Be victorious,
I'm sure for us no good 'twill be;
For our plagues will encrease,
Unless we have peace,
And the King and his Realms agree.


The King without them can't long stand,
Nor they without the King;
'Tis they must advise, and 'tis he must command,
For their power from his must spring.
'Tis a comfortless sway,
Where none will obey;
If the King han't's right, which way shall we?
They may Vote, and make Laws,
But no good they will cause,
Till the King and his Realms agree.


A pure Religion I would have,
Not mixt with humane wit;
And I cannot endure that each ignorant knave,
Should dare to meddle with it.
The tricks of the Law,
I would faign withdraw,
That it may be alike to each degree.
And I faign would have such,
As do meddle so much,
With the King and the Church agree.


We have pray'd and pay'd that the wars might cease,
And we be free men made:
I would fight, if my fighting would bring any peace,
But war is become a trade.
Our servants did ride
with swords by their side,
And made their Masters foot-men be;
But we will be no more slaves,
To the beggars and knaves,
Now the King and the Realms do agree.

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