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Francis William Bourdillon (Фрэнсис Уильям Бурдильон)

On the South Downs

        Light falls the rain
        On link and laine,
    After the burning day;
        And the bright scene,
        Blue, gold, and green,
    Is blotted out in gray.

        Not so will part
        The glowing heart
    With sunny hours gone by;
      On cliff and hill
      There lingers still
  A light that cannot die.

      Like a gold crown
      Gorse decks the Down,
  All sapphire lies the sea;
      And incense sweet
      Springs as our feet
  Tread light the thymy lea.

      Fade, vision bright!
      Fall rain, fall night!
  Forget, gray world, thy green!
      For us, nor thee,
      Can all days be
  As though this had not been!

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