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Alexander Brome (Александр Бром)

The Levellers Rant

         Written in 1648.


TO the Hall, to the hall,
For justice we call,
On the King and his pow'rful adherents & friends,
Who still have endeavoured, but we work their ends.
'Tis we will pull down what e're is above us,
And make them to fear us, that never did love us;
We'l level the proud, and make every degree
To our Royalty bow the knee;
'Tis no less then treason
'Gainst freedom and Reason
For our brethren to be higher than we.


First the thing, call'd a King,
To judgement we bring,
And the spawn of the Court, that were prouder then he,
And next the two Houses united shall be,
It does to the Romish religion enveagle;
For the State to be two headed like the spread-eagle
We'l purge the superfluous Members away,
They are too many Kings to sway,
And as we all teach;
'Tis our Liberties breach,
For the Free-born Saints to obey.


Not a Claw, in the Law,
Shall keep us in aw;
We'l have no cushion-cuffers to tell us of hell;
For we are all gifted to do it as well;
'Tis freedom that we do hold forth to the Nation,
To enjoy our fellow-creatures as at the creation:
The Carnal mens wives are for men of the spirit,
Their wealth is our own by merit;
For we that have right,
By the Law called Might,
Are the Saints that must judge and inherit.

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