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Alexander Brome (Александр Бром)

On the Queens Arrival


FRom the Lusitanian Shore,
Our triumphing Ships are come
Proudly with their royal lading,
Which Britain, that now truly's great, enjoys at home,
And needs no more abroad to rome,
But may now give over trading.
For we have that Jewel whose value is more,
Then all one India's Spice, or t'other India's Ore.


Katharina Queen of love!
England's joy and admiration!
Fit to be made a Spouse to Jove,
Spains terrour, yet their emulation;
The Portuguez riches, their glory and pride,
Who now are become but a rifled nation,
Such a coelestial consort to bring
To the embraces of Brittains King:
The world yields not so glorious a Bride,
Nor is there a Prince that merits the bliss
Of so great beauty, but so good a King as this.


Now let sea and land rejoyce,
Tagus yields us golden sands;
All that have feet, or hands, or voyce,
In these two united lands,
Lift them up, rejoyce and sing;
Blessed Queen and happy King!


Long live Charles and Katharina!
To testifie our joy,
We sung Vive le Roy;
But now wee'l sing Vive le Roy & la Reigna.

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