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Alexander Brome (Александр Бром)

An Ode of Anacreon paraphrased

  Beauties force.


Wonder why Dame Nature thus
Her various gifts dispences;
She every creature else but us
With arms, or armour fences.
The Bull with bended horns she arms;
With hoofs she guards the Horse;
The Hare can nimbly run from harms,
All know the Lyons force.


The Bird can danger fly on's wing,
She Fish with fins adorns,
The Cuckold too, that harmless thing,
His patience guards, and's horns.
And Men she valiant makes and wise,
To shun or baffle harms;
But to poor Women she denies
Armour to give, or arms.


Instead of all, this she does do;
Our Beauty she bestows,
Which serves for arms and armour too,
'Gainst all our pow'rful Foes,
And 'tis no matter, so she doth
Still beautious faces yield
Wee'l conquer sword and fire, for both
To beauty leave the field.

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