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Alexander Brome (Александр Бром)

To his Mistress (LAdy you'l wonder when you see)


LAdy you'l wonder when you see
With those bright twins of eyes,
These ragged lines that •r•wle from me,
And note the contrariety
That both in them and in their Author lies:


I that came hither with a breast
Coated with Male about;
Proof 'gainst your beauty, and the rest,
And had no room for Love to nest,
Where reason lodg'd within, and love kept out.


My thoughts turn'd like the needle, about,
Touch'd by Magnetick love:
And fain would find some North-pole out,
But waver'd 'twixt desire and doubt;
Till now they're fixt, and point to you above.


Lend me one Ray, and do but shine
Upon my verse, and me;
Your beauty can enrich a line,
And so you'l make 'um yours, not mine;
Since there's no Helicon like love and thee.

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