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Alexander Brome (Александр Бром)

The Murmurer


LEt's lay aside plotting and thinking,
And medling with matters of State,
Since we have the freedome of drinking,
'Tis a folly to scribble or prate.
The great ones have nothing to think on,
But how to make fools of the small;
We Cavaliers suffer and drink on,
And care not a louse for 'um all.


We thought it was matter of danger
To be Rebels against our Prince;
But he that is not a meer stranger,
May see it is otherwise since.
'Tis only the petty Delinquent
With whom the matter goes hard;
Where ever much boldness and Chink went,
There honour's bestow'd and reward.


To keep up a turbulent nature,
And fear neither God nor the King;
To be a significant Traytor,
Is an advantageous thing.
But since it has ever been so,
And so it will ever be,
Let it end as it did begin, so
That it never do trouble me.

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