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Mary Robinson (Мэри Робинсон)

Stanzas Inscribed to Lady William Russell

NATURE, to prove her heav’n-taught pow’r, 
That gems the earth, and paints the flow’r; 
That bids the soft enchanting note 
Steal from the LINNET’S downy throat; 
That from young MAY’S ambrosial wings, 
The balmy dew of HYBLA flings; 
With partial hand, each charm combin’d, 
To deck THY Form, and grace THY Mind. 

She gave her ROSE, to tint thy cheek, 
Her witching smile, her blushes meek; 
She bade thy ruby lips impart 
The chastest precepts of the heart; 
She taught thy dulcet voice to prove, 
The soothing softness of the DOVE; 
While thro’ each wond’rous beauty stole

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