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Henry Lawson (Генри Лоусон)

The Song of Australia

The centuries found me to nations unknown – 
My people have crowned me and made me a throne; 
My royal regalia is love, truth, and light – 
A girl called Australia – I’ve come to my right. 

Though no fields of conquest grew red at my birth, 
My dead were the noblest and bravest on earth; 
Their strong sons are worthy to stand with the best – 
My brave Overlanders ride west of the west. 

My cities are seeking the clean and the right; 
My Statesmen are speaking in London to-night; 
The voice of my Bushmen is heard oversea; 
My army and navy are coming to me. 

By all my grim headlands my flag is unfurled, 
My artists and singers are charming the world; 
The White world shall know its young outpost with pride; 
The fame of my poets goes ever more wide. 

By old tow’r and steeple of nation grown grey 
The name of my people is spreading to-day; 
Through all the old nations my learners go forth; 
My youthful inventors are startling the north. 

In spite of all Asia, and safe from her yet, 
Through wide Australasia my standards I’ll set; 
A grand world and bright world to rise in an hour – 
The Wings of the White world, the Balance of Power. 

Through storm, or serenely – whate’er I go through – 
God grant I be queenly! God grant I be true! 
To suffer in silence, and strike at a sign, 
Till all the fair islands of these seas are mine.

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