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Henry Lawson (Генри Лоусон)

To Hannah

Spirit girl to whom ’twas given 
To revisit scenes of pain, 
From the hell I thought was Heaven 
You have lifted me again; 
Through the world that I inherit, 
Where I loved her ere she died, 
I am walking with the spirit 
Of a dead girl by my side. 

Through my old possessions only 
For a very little while, 
And they say that I am lonely, 
And they pity, but I smile: 
For the brighter side has won me 
By the calmness that it brings, 
And the peace that is upon me 
Does not come of earthly things. 

Spirit girl, the good is in me, 
But the flesh you know is weak, 
And with no pure soul to win me 
I might miss the path I seek; 
Lead me by the love you bore me 
When you trod the earth with me, 
Till the light is clear before me 
And my spirit too is free.

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