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Lucy Maud Montgomery (Люси Мод Монтгомери)

The Christmas Night

Wrapped was the world in slumber deep, 
By seaward valley and cedarn steep, 
And bright and blest were the dreams of its sleep; 
All the hours of that wonderful night-tide through 
The stars outblossomed in fields of blue, 
A heavenly chaplet, to diadem 
The King in the manger of Bethlehem. 

Out on the hills the shepherds lay, 
Wakeful, that never a lamb might stray, 
Humble and clean of heart were they; 
Thus it was given them to hear 
Marvellous harpings strange and clear, 
Thus it was given them to see 
The heralds of the nativity. 

In the dim-lit stable the mother mild 
Looked with holy eyes on her child, 
Cradled him close to her heart and smiled; 
Kingly purple nor crown had he, 
Never a trapping of royalty; 
But Mary saw that the baby’s head 
With a slender nimbus was garlanded. 

Speechless her joy as she watched him there, 
Forgetful of pain and grief and care, 
And every thought in her soul was a prayer; 
While under the dome of the desert sky 
The Kings of the East from afar drew nigh, 
And the great white star that was guide to them 
Kept ward o’er the manger of Bethlehem.

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