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Katharine Tynan (Кэтрин Тайнен)

The Only Child

Lest he miss other children, lo! 
His angel is his playfellow. 
A riotous angel two years old, 
With wings of rose and curls of gold. 

There on the nursery floor together 
They play when it is rainy weather, 
Building brick castles with much pain, 
Only to knock them down again. 

Two golden heads together look 
An hour long o’er a picture-book, 
Or, tired of being good and still, 
They play at horses with good will. 

And when the boy laughs you shall hear 
Another laughter silver-clear, 
Sweeter than music of the skies,
Or harps, or birds of Paradise. 

Two golden heads one pillow press, 
Two rosebuds shut for heaviness. 
The wings of one are round the other 
Lest chill befall his tender brother. 

All day, with forethought mild and grave, 
The little angel’s quick to save. 
And still outruns with tender haste 
The adventurous feet that go too fast. 

From draughts, from fire, from cold and stings 
Wraps him within his gauzy wings; 
And knows his father’s pride, and shares 
His happy mother’s tears and prayers.

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