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Frederick Locker-Lampson (Фредерик Локер-Лэмпсон)

At her Window

BEATING Heart! we come again
   Where my Love reposes;
This is Mabel's window-pane;
   These are Mabel's roses.

Is she nested? Does she kneel
   In the twilight stilly,
Lily clad from throat to heel,
   She, my virgin Lily?

Soon the wan, the wistful stars,
   Fading, will forsake her;
Elves of light, on beamy bars,
   Whisper then, and wake her.

Let this friendly pebble plead
   At her flowery grating;
If she hear me will she heed?
   Mabel, I am waiting.

Mabel will be deck'd anon,
   Zoned in bride's apparel;
Happy zone! O hark to yon
   Passion-shaken carol!

Sing thy song, thou tranced thrush,
   Pipe thy best, thy clearest;--
Hush, her lattice moves, O hush--
   Dearest Mabel!--dearest... 

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