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George Sterling (Джордж Стерлинг)

To Ambrose Bierce

MASTER, when worms have had their will of thee,
    And thou art but a voice along the years—
    A star in the companionship of spheres
That are Fame's firmament—may God decree
That song and song's hostilities shall be
    A sword within my hands, a flame that sears
    The liar's mouth that slanders thee, nor fears
The vengeances of Truth's supremacy!

O Fates that on the tomb of greatness dead
    Permit the viper and the toad to bask,
        Lend me your youngest lightnings, and impel
    My spirit as a whirlwind to the task
To char the liar's tongue within his head—
        Like ashes on the adamant of Hell!

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