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Menella Bute Smedley (Менелла Бьют Смедли)

What We May See

Lying in the shadow, looking at the sky,
Proud sweet hours glance back at us, smile in passing by;
Show us something to regret, leave us where we lie:
Show us growths of crimson cloud that lean on mossy glades;
Airs that move below the leaves, making lights and shades;
Wonders hiding in the depth, while the glory fades:
Show us shafts of golden Hope that soar across the blue;
Darkness fleeing softly with no footprints on the dew;
Silence waiting, full of songs, till the Dawn break through;
Faces twain that meet and pass as if they had not met;
Eyes that woo the world but have not known each other yet,
Softly heartless as they glance, “we see and we forget.”
Meeting next with doubtful looks, a little grieved and stirred,
(O! how the caverns murmur ere the coming wind is heard!)
Fixing gaze and rising blush, a birth without a word.
Why must new Hope be ever born in troubles and in fears?
Why must the grey cloud rise and break before the Day appears?
Why breaks it into bliss for some, and why for some in tears?
The cloud is hence, the time is come, the old Delight begun!
Shine Heaven, and listen Earth, because once more two hearts are one,
Once more the world grows beautiful in Love's unsetting sun.
O faces, can you be the same? was all this light concealed?
O eyes, what have you looked upon? what founts have been unsealed?
O world, art thou created fresh? or art thou but revealed?
Let us behold you near before you pass into the night;
O faces, let us see you well because you are so bright;
Lying in the shadow, let us watch the light! 

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