Роберт Бернс (Robert Burns)

Текст оригинала на английском языке

O Whare Bid Ye Get

O WHARE did ye get that hauver-meal bannock?
  O silly blind body, O dinna ye see?
I get it frae a brisk young sodger laddie,
  Between Saint Johnston and bonnie Dundee.
O gin I saw the laddie that gae me’t!
  Aft has he doudled me on his knee;
May Heaven protect my bonnie Scots laddie,
  And send him safe hame to his babie and me!

My blessin’s upon thy sweet wee lippie,
  My blessin’s upon thy bonnie e’e bree!
Thy smiles are sae like my blythe sodger laddie,
  Thou’s aye the dearer and dearer to me!
But I’ll big a bower on yon bonnie banks,
  Where Tay rins wimplin’ by sae clear;
And I’ll cleed thee in the tartan sae fine,
  And mak thee a man like thy daddie dear.

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