(Gerard Manley Hopkins)

Tom's Garland

upon the Unemployed

Tomgarlanded with squat and surly steel
Tom; then Toms fallowbootfellow piles pick
By him and rips out rockfire homeforthsturdy Dick;
Tom Heart-at-ease, Tom Navvy: he is all for his meal
Sure, s bed now. Low be it: lustily he his low lot (feel
That neer need hunger, Tom; Tom seldom sick,
Seldomer heartsore; that treads through, prickproof, thick
Thousands of thorns, thoughts) swings though. Commonweal
Little I reck ho! lacklevel in, if all had bread:
What! Country is honour enough in all uslordly head,
With heavens lights high hung round, or, mother-ground
That mammocks, mighty foot. But no way sped,
Nor mind nor mainstrength; gold go garlanded
With, perilous, O nó; nor yet plod safe shod sound;
Undenizened, beyond bound
Of earths glory, earths ease, all; no one, nowhere,
In wide the worlds weal; rare gold, bold steel, bare
In both; care, but share care
This, by Despair, bred Hangdog dull; by Rage,
Manwolf; worse; and their packs infest the age. 

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