Robert Anderson

Jingle in the Glasses

Come, Tom, let us jingle the glasses, lad,
And bumper the dear witchin' lasses, lad;
What tho' we baith be puir,
We'll kick care behind the duir,
And laugh at all dull thinkin' asses, lad!

O had we been born to great plenty, lad,
And of houses cou'd reckon'd up some twenty, lad,
The warl wou'd beck'd and bow'd,
But we'll bend not to the proud;
For guid--fellowship thro' life's the greatest dainty, lad!

Tho' the wise and the wealthy may jeer us, lad,
We've ae comfort, nae hirelings need fear us, lad!
Were my back without a coat,
And my purse without a groat,
Haith, I wadna change wi' thousands we see near us, lad!

When we think o' the pleasures we hae tasted, lad,
Shall we number the happy days as wasted, lad?
No!--Tho' youth's play be past,
And auld age is postin' fast,
By sorrow let no future joys be blasted, lad!

If on decency's laws we ne'er trample, lad,
But of virtue ay shew an honest sample, lad,
A fig for a' the rules,
And the pedantry o' fools!
Wha the deil can say we set a bad example, lad!

Then, Tom, let us jingle the glasses, lad,
And laugh at half the warl, silly asses, lad!
May we ay hae a friend,
And a saxpence to spend,
And a spare hour to sport wi' the lasses, lad! 

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