Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 3. Of the Iniquitie of Man

Iniquitie on eirth is so increst.
All flesh bot feu with falset is defyld,
Givin ouir of God, with gredynes beguyld;
So that the puir, but pitie, ar opprest.

God in his justice dou na mair digest
Syk sinfull suyn with symonie defyld,
Bot must revenge, thair vyces ar so vyld,
And pour doun plagues of famin, suord, and pest.

Aryse, O Lord, delyuer from the lave 
Thy faithfull flock befor that it infect.
Thou sees hou Satan sharps for to dissave,
If it were able, euen thyn auin elect.

Sen conscience, love, and cheritie all laiks,
Lord, short the season, for the chosens saiks.

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