Laura Sophia Temple

The Sailor


Can I forget the look she gave,
When Passion seal'd the parting token?
    Her lily hand she thrice did wave,
But ne'er the faintest word was spoken.

    Can I forget that chasten'd smile
Which veil'd a heart o'ercharg'd with sorrow,
    Yet my wild anguish to beguile,
E'en Joy's fair semblance try'd to borrow.

    Can I forget the trembling tear
That seem'd to say we part for ever;
    And plainly told the hidden fear
That Fate the bands of Love would sever?

    Oh! nectar'd lip! that once was mine,
Sweet form that haunts my fev'rish slumbers;
    Dear face that mem'ry owns divine,
E'en all the charms my fancy numbers!

    At length I view'd my native shore;
How wildly then my gay heart bounded!
    I flew to meet my love once more;
Her name thro' ev'ry grove resounded.

    Her name --alas! 'twas all remain'd,
'Twas all the envious Fates had left me!
    No more by darkling woes detain'd,
She fled--and oh ! of peace bereft me.

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