Anna Seward

Sonnet 41. Since dark December shrouds the transient day


Since dark December shrouds the transient day,
    And stormy Winds are howling in their ire,
    Why com'st not THOU, who always can'st inspire
    The soul of cheerfulness, and best array
A sullen hour in smiles?—O haste to pay
    The cordial visit sullen hours require!—
    Around the circling walls a glowing fire
    Shines;—but it vainly shines in this delay
To blend thy spirit's warm Promethean light.
    Come then, at Science', and at Friendship's call,
    Their vow'd Disciple;—come, for they invite!
The social Powers without thee languish all.
    Come, that I may not hear the winds of Night,
    Nor count the heavy eave-drops as they fall.

Dec. 21st, 1782

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