Джон Генри Ньюмен (John Henry Newman)

Текст оригинала на английском языке


TYPE of the West, and glorying in the name
    More than in Faith's pure fame! 
Oh. trust not crafty fort nor rock renowned
    Earned upon hostile ground; 
Wielding Trade's master-keys, at thy proud will
To lock or loose its waters, England! trust not still.

Dread thine own power! Since haughty Babel's prime,
    High towers have been man's crime. 
Since her hoar age, when the huge moat lay bare,
    Strongholds have been man's snare. 
Thy nest is in the crags; ah, refuge frail!
Mad counsel in its hour, or traitors, will prevail.

He who scanned Sodom for His righteous men
    Still spares thee for thy ten; 
But, should vain tongues the Bride of Heaven defy,
    He will not pass thee by; 
For, as earth's kings welcome their spotless guest,
So gives He them by turn, to suffer or be blest.

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