Джон Уилмот, граф Рочестер (John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester)

Текст оригинала на английском языке

A Song (Give me leave to rail at you)


Give me leave to rail at you,
I ask nothing but my due;
To call you false, and then to say
You shall not keep my Heart a Day.
But, alas!  against my Will,
I must be your Captive still.
Ah! be kinder then; for I
Cannot change, and would not die.


Kindness has resistless Charms,
All besides but weakly move;
Fiercest Anger it disarms,
And clips the Wings of flying Love.
Beauty does the Heart invade,
Kindness only can persuade;
It gilds the Lover's Servile Chain,
And makes the Slaves grow pleas'd again.

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