- (Edna St. Vincent Millay)

The Little Ghost

I knew her for a little ghost
   That in my garden walked;
The wall is highhigher than most
   And the green gate was locked.

And yet I did not think of that
   Till after she was gone
I knew her by the broad white hat,
   All ruffled, she had on.

By the dear ruffles round her feet,
   By her small hands that hung
In their lace mitts, austere and sweet,
   Her gowns white folds among.

I watched to see if she would stay,
   What she would doand oh!
She looked as if she liked the way
   I let my garden grow!

She bent above my favourite mint
   With conscious garden grace,
She smiled and smiledthere was no hint
   Of sadness in her face.

She held her gown on either side
   To let her slippers show,
And up the walk she went with pride,
   The way great ladies go.

And where the wall is built in new
   And is of ivy bare
She pausedthen opened and passed through
   A gate that once was there.

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