Джеймс Хогг (James Hogg)

Текст оригинала на английском языке

The Laird o' Lamington

Can I bear to part wi' thee,
Never mair thy face to see,—
Can I bear to part wi' thee,
⁠	Drucken Laird o' Lamington?

Canty war ye ower your kale,
Toddy jugs, and jaups o' yill;
Heart aye kind, and leal, and hale,—
⁠	The honest Laird o' Lamington!

He that swears is but so so;
He that cheats to hell must go;
He that falls in bagnio,
	⁠Falls in the devil's frying-pan.

Wha was't ne'er put aith to word,
Never fleech'd to duke or lord,
Never sat at sinfa' board?—
⁠	The honest Laird o' Lamington.

He that cheats can ne'er be just;
He that lies is ne'er to trust;
He that drinks to drauk his dust,
	⁠Wha can say that wrang is done?

Wha was't ne'er to fraud inclined?
Never lied sin' he could mind?
Ane whase drouth there's few can find?—
	⁠The honest Laird o' Lamington!

I like a man to tak' his glass,
Toast his friend and bonnie lass;
He that winna is an ass—
	⁠Deil send him ane to gallop on!

I like a man that's frank and kind,
Meets me when I ha'e a mind,
Sings his sang and drinks me blind,
	⁠Like the honest Laird o' Lamington.

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